Free Software Community of India (FSCI) intends to act as an umbrella community to connect various disconnected Free Software communities in India and to co-ordinate Free Software related activities across India.

Free Software User Groups

FSCI maintains a list of various Free Software User Groups across India at FSCI also provides free sub-domains for such communities.


FSCI maintains a MediaWiki instance at which acts as a 'decentralised central resource' as every one gets to fill in their parts and one could find all parts in one place.

Git Repository Hosting

FSCI runs a free instance of GitLab Community Edition at GitLab is a powerful platform for collaborative software development.


Poddery, one of the earliest diaspora social networking hosts, is a community-run distributed social-network maintained by FSCI. Apart from Diaspora, also offers Matrix and XMPP services.


Diaspora is a culture. A culture against the loss of personal privacy by the corporate social network giants. Diaspora enables you to keep your data with you and provides the flexibility to choose what you share. Since your data is stored on distributed servers and not a single company's servers you are in more control of your data.


Matrix is a decentralised instant messenger which supports end-to-end encryption and file sharing. You can connect with your friends and communities here. Matrix by default allows you to integrate with IRC and other communication medias. Riot is a client-side application with slack-like interface and markdown support.


Poddery supports chatting among your contacts in Diaspora and anybody with an account on a service supporting XMPP. You need to enable chat on your Poddery account to make use of it. There are many free clients available for PC, tablet or mobile devices. Get one for your device from the link below.

Get an XMPP Client

Mailing List

FSCI maintains a GNU Mailman instance at A mailing list helps us to broadcast emails to a list of e-mail addresses of people that are members of the same work group or interested in the same subject.

Discussion Forum

A community-run Discourse instance is maintained at in collaboration with FSCI. It is a place for Free Software enthusiasts and users to hangout, discuss, share tips and tricks, help others and promote the adoption of Free Software.

Collaborative Decision Making

Codema (Collaborative Decision Making) is a Loomio instance maintained by FSCI at It helps us to initiate discussions and put up proposals on which users can vote.