List of all the contributors to FSCI’s 2022 Funding Campaign (in INR).

Recieved amount - 11,100 INR
Target amount - __ INR
Last updated - 03 February 2022

Name of the donor Amount donated(INR) Service for which donation was made
Ravi Dwivedi 1000 XMPP poddery
Deepak Gothwal 500
Sahil Dhiman 2000 FSCI General fund
Abhilash V 600 FSCI General fund
Nilesh 1000 FSCI General fund
GN 5000 FSCI General fund
Dhanesh 500 FSCI General fund
Ravi 500 matrix poddery
Total Amount = 11,100

We are very grateful to our contributors for supporting the ideals behind running this service.